I’ve seen clients suffering from premature ejaculation, inability to achieve orgasm and boredom in the bedroom.  My approach is working with the mind through hypnosis.  Why?  Because the mind is the ultimate sex organ.  This is where attraction to a partner begins.  This is where eroticism dwells.

Oftentimes shame around sexual expression begins in childhood.  For example, a young girl is caught exploring with her friend in the garage on a warm summer day.  They are showing, looking and touching.  The parent walks in and is aghast that her daughter would do such a thing…after going to church earlier in the day!  The seed left in the child’s mind from this lesson is shame about her body and shame about her natural curiosity to explore her sensuality.  This small incident can haunt the now adult woman unknowingly.  She may find herself unable to reach orgasm or perhaps cannot even get aroused.  Deep in her subconscious mind she has formed a belief that sexual sharing is dirty and immoral.

Hypnotherapy can access this old belief and delete it from the mindbank.  In a trance state I help the client go back in time to remember their childhood experiences and messages about the body and sensuality.  Once we have evoked these memories I help the client release and clear the imprints and impressions that were left behind in the mind, body and the whole energy field.  This process is called cellular clearing.  The theory is that memories and their emotional impact are stored, literally, in the cells of the body.  These messages, which are disturbing the client’s sexual fulfillment, are flushed out of the subconscious mind, thus making room to imprint the desired thoughts and beliefs.  As feelings of guilt, fear and embarrassment are dissolved an organic sensuality arises.  This natural born gift is liberated and empowered with hypnotic suggestions along the lines of  “I enjoy my body and my sexuality. I am delighting in sharing my body with my lover.  I reach orgasm easily as I relax and let go.”

Conversely, a man wishing to slow down his arousal and prolong his erection is given a hypnotic suggestion while in a trance state like “I am in control of my ejaculation.  I can feel when to slow down and ease up so that I bring my lover and myself more pleasure.”  The literal suggestions come from talking with the client before the trance work.  I find using the exact words from the client’s own mind bring the fastest results.  If desired, the suggestions can be combined with tantric techniques for delaying male ejaculation.

Some couples are reluctant to discuss what they want and don’t want in the bedroom.  Again, the mind can be freed through hypnosis to feel at ease sharing this conversation.  Women in particular need to feel confident and motivated to tell their partners what they enjoy and what they wish to try.

Living as we do in a culture where the logical mind is used to such an extreme degree it is, unfortunately, all too easy to lose the connection to the body.  I help people bring their awareness down into their body using deep belly breathing coupled with trance.  Sometimes stagnant emotions are discovered by deepening into the body.  This creates an ideal opportunity to become aware of old emotional injuries that are now ready to be healed and released.  An awareness and willingness to work with the lost events and messages that are stored in the subconscious mind is the first step towards profound change and freedom from the past.  Hypnotherapy is a potent tool to this end.