In the practice of hypnotherapy that I have done with clients from Boulder and Denver, they have expressed many tangible benefits, the most common of which are listed here.

1. Experience deep relaxation.

2. Quiet the chatter in your mind.

3. Discover your personal healing symbols.

4. Develop a profound, felt sense of peace.

5. Uncover a confidence not dependent on external circumstances.

6. Magnify and clarify your goals.

7.Discover your hidden creativity.

8. Eliminate negative self talk.

9. Learn to relate to uncertainty with positivity.

10. Learn self empowerment techniques which enable you to boldly make decisions in your life.

Read more at my Hypnosis Works page.

I hope this encourages you to explore hypnosis as the next step in creating your happy life!


4 comments on “Top Ten Benefits of Hypnotherapy

  1. While I was talking my husband last night, it seems that we have different goals for our family. We tried to compromise but it didn’t really work out. It was intriguing to read that hypnotherapy can help Magnify and clarify your goals. I am no expert, but I would imagine this would help us as a couple be on the same page for our future!

    • Exactly! What is needed is to go all the way back to the original goal, which is to be happy. And then each person delineates their values and priorities. Deep listening skills are used to begin to deeply understand the other person. From a base of empathy negotiations arise to meet the goals of both people.

  2. I had no idea that hypnotherapy could help you uncover a confidence not dependent on external circumstances. I have a sister who suffers from mental illness and she’s been looking for a way to boost her self confidence. I think going through hypnotherapy would give her a chance to focus on herself and work through her issues in a safe environment.

    • Yes, there is a core of basic goodness within the heart of every human from which unconditional confidence can arise if nurtured. Hypnotherapy is the rapid way to touch this natural resource and enliven it.

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