When you daydream or fantasize you are tapping into your desires.  This is powerful because all change begins with a desire.  Think about it.  Imagine you desire to have more money.  Allow your mind to imagine your life with more money.  How would your life improve?  How much stress would disappear?

Working with hypnotherapy, blockages about money can be transformed.  Often, we simply do not believe we deserve to have more.  That’s why I work right off the bat with increasing self esteem and releasing old, obsolete ideas about money.  

A beginning point is reflecting on the messages you heard/ saw/ felt about money in your family of origin.  There are usually some stumbling blocks right there that need to be erased.  I know my family seemed worried and fearful about not having enough.  This is a common experience.  Those messages that we literally absorbed and internalized as children are major roadblocks to creating and ALLOWING financial abundance to manifest in our lives now.

Visualizations of richness, once old limitations have been addressed, can include anything including a beautiful castle with a room full of gold bricks, diamonds and rubies, the most beautiful clothes.  The subconscious mind loves these opulent displays and you can expect to see your income increase as you think and fantasize in trance about the life of a queen.  As within, so without.  

Change starts in the subconscious mind.  Allow me to guide you using the power of hypnotherapy!