Your subconscious mind is full of rich, colorful symbols and movie clips.  I help you access your very personal mythology. Using these images which float up from your subconscious, transformation and empowerment happen naturally.    I guide you on a journey to your own underworld (subconscious) to overcome your fears by seeing them as the empty apparitions they truly are.

Then there is room in your mind to insert your sweetest fantasies of the life you desire.  Your dream life can be fleshed out first in your subconscious mind and then will manifest surprisingly easily in your physical reality.  When you change your thinking your outer world reflects that change very quickly.

Try a little experiment.  The next time you are part of a group say to yourself  repeatedly before entering the situation “I will be warmly welcomed and accepted into this group.”  Notice what happens! What we expect and thus project influences what we experience in a BIG WAY!