The second session of my hypnotherapy practice in Boulder is dedicated to learning self hypnosis.  Self hypnosis is very simple and in fact can be practiced by children age 8 and up.  Two key focus tools are needed to practice self hypnosis: a “suggestion” and the visualization  that illustrates that for you. 

For example, I worked with a woman who felt that she didn’t fit in this world.  Quite simply, she felt like an outsider on the fringe of any group situation, looking in.   Noteably, she had felt exactly this way in her family of origin.  Her parents and siblings did not understand her sensitive, creative nature.  I helped her discover the ideal suggestion in her own words which arose from her subconscious.  By focusing on what she wanted to create she expressed her wish in these words: ” I am welcome in this world.”  Pithy and potent, this suggestion was ideal , for the subconscious mind responds to short, slogan like suggestions.

Step two is fleshing out the suggestion with an image or short scene of action which is the desired result for one’s life.  She let her mind softly explore and began to imagiine herself in a clearing in the forest, in a circle of people, holding hands with the people on each side of her and feeling totally welcome, feeling like an integral part of the group.  The circle began to move around joyfully, dancing with happiness and connection. This simple vignette became her visualization for self hypnosis.

After establishing these two keys I taught her how to breathe deeply and progressively relax her body from head to toe.  Then she learned to clear her mind and count backwards from 10 to 1 in order to induce trance in herself.  At this point she would say to herself silently or aloud “I am welcome in this world” and envision  herself dancing in the happy circle of people in the forest.  Then she would simply fall asleep for the night while her subconscious continued to accept the words and images she had so carefully selected to plant there.

The regular practice of self hypnosis, which takes about 5 minutes before falling asleep for the night, creates a thread of continuity which works very quickly to bring about real change in one’s outer life. 

The woman is now much more outgoing with a circle of enthusiastic friends whom she loves.

Learn more about self hypnosis at my Hypnosis Works page

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