Hypnotherapy is by its very nature the ultimate solution for fears and phobias.  Why?  Because fear begins in the mind with the thoughts you think.  Hypnotherapy delves deep into the mind, into the vaults of thoughts and beliefs to uncover the root of fear.  Then we pull the plug on those old thought loops and the unpleasant emotions that result from them.

The next step to eliminating a fear is replacing the negative thinking with pleasant happy thoughts.  For example, the fear of flying may be triggered by turbulence while in the air.  I help you reframe the turbulence as fun rather than scarey.   Just as a child enjoys riding the rides at the amusement park, turbulence can be experienced as a thrill, exciting and natural.  In fact turbulence is a natural part of flying as the airplane moves through various winds and air pockets.

I have several clients who felt they could only fly if they took an anti-anxiety drug beforehand.  Or they avoided flying altogether and missed out on trips they really wanted to take.  We worked together to dismantle their anxiety about flying, which usually is connected with a fear of being out of control.  I helped them construct a safe place in their mind that they could invoke and visualize.  This safe place, along with deep belly breathing, calms and settles the mind.  Simply thinking about this place relieves anxiety.  This place might be a beautiful, secluded beach or a spacious meadow in the springtime.

Another potent tool for relieving the anxiety while preparing to travel, boarding the plane and actually taking off and flying is a power object.  This can be as traditional as a teddy bear to squeeze or something totally personal and unique like a special crystal carried in the pocket.  When the hand touches the crystal, along with a deep breath, calm washes through the mind and body. During hypnosis these objects are identified and strengthened in your mind as sources of safety and peacefulness.  We literally program the mind to react with calm when the object is touched.  This is similar to what a young child does naturally when she becomes attached to a special blanket or stuffed animal.

My clients are invited to record our sessions so while flying they can listen, if they wish, to the hypnotherapy sessions that calm their minds and relax their bodies. These same recordings reinforce the idea that flying is fun, a great adventure leading to a wonderful experience at their destination.  Perhaps you have noticed that children usually enjoy flying, looking out the window at the clouds and watching the landscape below during take off and landing.  That same innocent perspective is established in the client’s subconscious mind.  Flying, once dreaded and feared, becomes a source of excitement and pleasure.

Deep breathing and progressive body relaxation from head to toe are part of self hypnosis which I teach in the second session.  Self hypnosis gives you the power to work with your own mind wherever you are without any outward signs.  Self hypnosis is so simple that a child can do it!

If you’re afraid of flying, public speaking, taking tests, performing in any capacity, now know that hypnotherapy is the gentlest and most effective technique for overcoming these limitations and living the life you desire!