“Sara Duniven helped me work through an intractable sleeping problem I’d had for a dozen years.  Through her support and guidance, I was able to make great strides with the issue. She assisted me in exploring the problem, confronting and resolving it.  She was a huge help.”

Gary ~ Boulder, Colorado

“Working with Sara was my first introduction to hypnotherapy. I found the sessions to be extremely relaxing and that restfulness and sense of ease and flow stayed with me into the week. I came away with an abiding undercurrent of calm that I still carry with me.”

Mona ~ Berlin, Germany

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sara on and off for years. We came together at a time when I felt my life was completely out of control. Hypnotherapy helped me develop insight into my situation and gave me tools that empowered every aspect of my life. I continue to use these tools and plan to see Sara for a “tune up” soon.”

Alicia ~ Denver, Colorado

“Sara’s presence is deeply calm and centered. She helped me discover methods to stop my anxiety attacks at the first sign of discomfort.”

Paul ~ Westminster, Colorado

“Hypnotherapy is such a pleasure with Sara. I saw her to overcome my nervousness about public speaking, which my career often requires.. Now I am relaxed and even playful at the podium.”

Alex ~ Boulder, Colorado

“I overcame my phobia about speaking in groups in 5 phone sessions with Sara. We used a shamanistic approach, at my request, discovering my spirit guides who strengthened and healed me.”

Amy ~ Santa Rosa, California

“Sara has a very special gift of weaving words into a healing balm for spirit and soul during hypnotic trance. She is a powerful, nurturing resource for healing.”

Karey ~ Boulder, Colorado

“I released my guilt and negative thought patterns with Sara’s help, soothing and integrating parts of myself that were waiting to be recognized and emboldened.”

Steve from New York, New York