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Sara Duniven Certified Hypnotherapist Boulder and Denver , Colorado

Sara Duniven- Certified Hypnotherapist

Sara is a uniquely skilled hypnotherapist offering hypnosis, shamanic journeying, and intuitive counseling in the Boulder and Denver areas. She is a deeply intuitive therapist who pinpoints what is needed and guides you through a healing process, which can result in rapid changes in your health and life. She engages each individual’s own healing power to change behavior, “positivize” thinking patterns, and reveal specific guidance. She specializes in dissolving anxiety, nurturing self esteem and helping you successfully navigate life’s transitions.

Nurturing yet direct, Sara sees beyond the material plane to help uncover blockages and wounds so healing can occur quickly and naturally. She strengthens her clients’ connection to their personal sense of higher power for courage and guidance for deeply healing and personal results.

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Hypnotherapy Demystified: What it Really Is and Does

Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to clarify the link between thoughts and beliefs and how that plays out in your life. Working with a certified hypnotherapist can help you become more grounded and confident, focused and inspired, thus increasing your ability to empower yourself and benefit the world around you.

Are you depressed or did you talk yourself into feeling down?

It is so easy to ignore our thoughts. You know, the ones that keep streaming just below the surface of our awareness, subconscious gossip. These unnoticed thoughts result in feelings, beliefs and moods. Depression is one end result of repetitive negative thinking about ourselves. Here’s one: “I’m so lonely, why isn’t my phone ringing, where […]

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Tapping the Power of the Subconscious

What is the subconscious? It is the underground spring of creativity, nonlinear, deeper than the calculations of logic. Webster’s defines subconscious as: the mental activities just below the threshold of consciousness. This is the great secret landscape of the mind that is hidden from your rational mind and yet is running your life. That’s why […]

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